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We deliver; shipping
solutions, simplified. 


We take just as much care shipping your products as you do creating them. We have several processes and safeguards in place to make sure that every package gets where it needs to go, when it needs to go.


We excel at prepping pallets/products for Amazon and other bulk deliveries. Whether your products need barcodes or proper kitting, we’ve got you covered. You tell us what needs to be sent and we'll make it happen.

Customer Connection

The backbone of your business happens to be our specialty. Evobox handles the customer service side of shipping, giving your customers peace of mind and giving you more time to focus on what matters most.


We’re not kidding when we say we love kitting. Evobox will kit your products with great care and detail, making sure they leave our warehouse with their best foot forward. Right into the hands of your happy customers.


With Kickstarters, we get that time is money. Whether you have 500 orders or 50,000, we'll get them out asap. Our 99.99998% accuracy rating on shipping Kickstarters proves our dedication to your growth and satisfaction.

Warehouse Sales

We're eager to get your brand lots of exposure which is why we hold a bi-annual sale at our warehouse with over 1,000+ attendees. All of our companies are welcome to participate and are always glad they did.

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